Vision Deep Cycle 100Ah 12V


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    VISION Deep Cycle series batteries are designed to have a large amount of stored current discharged between charging sessions, with very heavy non-porous battery plates to withstand repeated major discharging and charging cycle(deep cycle). The VISION Deep-cycle battery uses different chemistry for the plates active paste material, and a slightly stronger electrolyte than normal battery electrolyte, which allows for much longer life in deep cycle applications.


    • Superior Deep Cycle Design
    • High Power Density
    • Thick Plates and High-density Active Material
    • Longer Life in Deep Cycle Applications
    • Excellent Recovery from Deep Discharge


    Dimension, L x W x H (mm) : 341 × 173 × 214.5

    Net Weight (kgs) : 27.5

    Additional Information

    Vision 100Ah 12V

    Application: Solar, Standby & UPS



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    Weight 7.4 kg
    Dimensions 35.5 × 27.7 × 10 cm
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